The next Hoochie Koo will be on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18th, 2017 at the BASSY CLUB.

Doors open 21:00, admission is € 12 or just € 9 if you have a Hoochie Koo Membercard.

The Hoochie Koo is a series of events hosted by Don Rogall, inspired by the risqué rock'n'roll lifestyle of the early days.


Contains 50s & 60s Rhythm 'n' Blues, original Roots of Soundsystem dancefloor, Gogo dancing, Noir Velvet Blues Lounge, Burlesque with a twist and Live music.

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MISTY LOTUS is a burlesque and fire artist from Switzerland. She charms and teases the audience by interpreting unique and spellbinding characters. A tasty cocktail of exotic, passion and fiery goodness, her curves will make your head spin! Again, one of our Hoochie Koo exclusives, with Jules Kiss on Saxophone, and brand new choreography!
She has more tricks than just unveiling her beauty to command the imaginations of audiences. Exposing secrets separated between fine lines of pleasure and pain. Miss


has enchanted stages all over the world across Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Milan, Athens, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Dubai to name a few.
Ruler of the turntables at the Juke Joint Lounge is the incredible


. Known for her DJ sets at Pinky's Peepshow, she serves a wild mix of early Rock'n'Roll, Popcorn to Exotica, Cumbia and even Ska. Everything goes !


A very rare occasion. See it to believe it. Mr. Bassy himself - playing some favorite tunes from his excellent record collection at the lounge.
ARDEN DELACOUR is a burlesque performer and vintage muse devoted to the beauty and glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood. She combines her own sensuous way of moving, classic burlesque and modern dance style movements á la voguing, and gives it a new and unique flair. Studying contemporary dance, Arden has strength and awareness in every inch of her body and you can see this in each elegant move she makes.
Trading the microphone for the turntables, croonster


debuts as a DJ in the lounge. He'll have you swaying to the sounds of popcorn music and teenage rock 'n roll, spiced with jumping jive and rhythm 'n blues.
For the past 15 years, the Bassy Club has been a hip-shaking rock `n roll alternative to the usual night clubs in Berlin. Now resident DJ Don Rogall cracks open his obsessively curated collection of rare LPs for a new CD compilation of the vintage sounds of the legendary Bassy Club. Remastered and restored, THE SOUND OF BASSY, VOLUME 2 is a one-of-a-kind anthology of forgotten gems of early rock `n roll, blues, exotica and R&B.
EVILYN FRANTIC is a sideshow performer and burlesque artiste, a multi-talented one-woman rollercoaster of a freakshow fakir with a macabre sense of humor. She'll literally burn up your eyeballs with her combination of sex, sass, and scorching flames.
Whisky Soda is a medley of some of the finest players out in Berlin. This fine bunch won't leave you any choice but to sweat and stomp to their raging blend of 50#s music.
Swamp Blues at the Lounge - exclusive live solo-appearance by


CHARLIE MEGIRA & THE BET SHE'AN VALLEY HILLBILLIES - simply the coolest cat in town. Think Link Wray meets Lost Highway meets ahh.. fuckit .. come and listen... He and his Hillbillies play a strangely beautiful new hybrid of old music styles like 1950s rock, surf, and lounge, mixed with twangy, modern garage punk.
The HOOCHIEKOO SOUNDSYSTEM features DJ tracks accompanied by live music.

This time DJ DON ROGALL will be joined by JOEY B. CARTER on vocals, and JULES KISS on Saxophone

SILKY aka Silke Thoss spent many a year as 1/2 of Voodoo Rhythm's THE WATZLOVES together with DM Bob. Drawing influences from Country, Cajun & 60's Soul, SILKY AND THE TOSSERS are a true original, with Mareike Hube (Jane Walton) on Trombone & Matthias Wyder (Sound 8 Orchestra) on double bass.
When Don Rogall is behind the DJ booth, it's virtually impossible not to dance. Even if you've got two left feet. Even if you're an impassive misanthrope who habitually hunches over your drink. Don slips a 7" gem from its sleeve, places the needle gently along a track, and the speakers erupt in a gritty groove with such a gravitational pull, your head starts bobbing, your toes twitching, and then you're hauled to your feet, riding that sweet funky rhythm ...
Native New Yorker SAUDIA YOUNG rips the room apart with her powerhouse voice that is equal parts satin and sand. Fuses exotic rhythms with raw R&B grooves, her Noir Rockabilly Blues burns like a distillery and will send you onto the dancefloor in delirious spasms and shakes.
LA VIOLA VIXEN: Queen of the Quiver! Performing sassy stripteases in the world's most notorious festivals and cabaret cities, Viola is known across the globe for her ground shaking shimmy and striking stage presence.

A vision of golden age burlesque brought to life before your very eyes.

HoneyLulu is an international showgirl who has teased and entertained audiences worldwide. A one-of-a-kind show-stopping act combining glamour and vaudeville.
The HOOCHIE KOO is a series of events hosted by Don Rogall, inspired by the risqué rock'n'roll lifestyle of the early days.

50s & 60s Rhythm 'n' Blues, original Roots of Soundsystem dancefloor, Gogo dancing, Noir Velvet Blues Lounge, Burlesque with a twist and Live music.

To. The. Bone.


- Berlin's electrifying Burlesque-demon that will storm the stage and enthrall you all!
Early rock'n'roll, psych, avant garde, free jazz, doo wop, early R&B, garage punk, punk rock, etc... thrown in a pot and simmered over his incredible vocals. MARK SULTAN has been a long-time fixture in the garage rock scene, having played in such bands as The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Almighty Defenders, BBQ, etc, and has toured North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Israel and everywhere in between.
Hailing from New York City,


blew into town with an original take on Country Blues, more the undiscovered old-timey gospel and folk type elements which aren't heard so much on these streets. Curtis plays banjo, guitar and harmonica stomping out an eery trance of yesterdays past, fresh for ears of today. From sweet country music, to shake your ass and rattle your bones house rockin', foot stompin' blues.
EROCHICA BAMBOO is an award-winning burlesque dancer. Hailing from Tokyo, she began her career as a teenager, performing at nightclubs, cabaret shows and even the Japanese Royal family.. She danced all the way to Vegas and big cities all over the world. Now Berlin based, she does her first Burlesque act for the Hoochie Koo !!
Deltabilly - so nenen Lars Vegas (Gesang/Gitarre) und Klaas Wendling (Kontrabass/Gesang) ihren Sound. Zwischen 40er Rhythm'n'Blues und 50er Rockabilly sind die LOVE GLOVES perfekt für die Juke Joint Lounge.
At oriental twilight & asian dawn crossroads,


rides on a highway to the stars, a passionate artist teasing you with elegance, fun and happy shake, where Rock'n'roll meets classic burlesque!

She's inspired by the late 50s and 60s era, Tarantino & Russ Meyer movies but with her little personal touch.

Shake a leg to the raw rockabilly sounds of this touble trouble band:


Playing a rough & tough rockabilly influenced by R'n'B and swing, these bad boys will spank the lounge until it screams for more!

The BASSY CLUB is Berlin's best kept secret and offers a wide range of good music - strictly before 1969!

From Hot Jazz, Dirty Blues, Western Swing, Country, 50's black R&B, Rock'n'Roll, to 60's Beat, early Soul, Sixties Garage Punk, Blues, Trash, Surf, Exotica and more.

Schoenhauser Allee 176A / 10119 Berlin · Map · Facebook

The HOOCHIE KOO starts at 21:00 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18th, 2017
at the BASSY CLUB.

Schönhauser Allee 176A / 10119 Berlin
Map · Facebook

€ 12 at the door, or just € 9 with a membercard. Subscribe to the Newsletter and get your number!

Old and new gems of 50s & 60s-style R& early rock `n roll and blues.
Don Rogall DJ set on Soundcloud: 5 o'clock in the morning
EAT LIPSTICK - live & unplugged.

If you are from Berlin, it's almost impossible to not know this bunch. They are great, oh yes - but if you haven't seen them unplugged you've been missing something. f**k you , f**k , goddamn, what a f**king disaster, rock, blood, loudness, punk punk punk as f**k f**k f**k, QUEER, LOUD, PROUD, wetness in all the right places, more rock, a party in your pants that we love cum to !

Yes, Balkan Swing at the Hoochie Koo. You think that´s unusual ? Think again. Don Rogall already hosted their first concerts at Bassy, long before the Hoochie Koo and these nights had been massive . Meanwhile, DJANGO LASSIE became an international act, high in demand. Now it's time to refresh memories and join forces. It's 2017, and we gonna kick it!
The Hoochie Koo is sponsored by
MEERMAID INFUSED RUM - naturally flavoured small batch rum, blended from Trinidad and Jamaican pot still and infused with sixteen different fruits and spices. Made in Berlin.

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BANBURY CROSS - Burlesque Star. Die Britin wird regelmässig als "Neo-Marilyn des Burlesque" betitelt. Sie wurde 2011, 12, und 13 unter die Top 50 Performer weltweit gewählt, und hat nach ihrem Umzug nach Berlin im letzten Jahr auch hier alle im Sturm erobert.
JELLY-JAW JACK B. LATIMER plays and sings the finest in country blues, rags, jazz, gospel and hillbilly from the 1920s & 30s. Ever since arriving in Europe from Australia he has awed audiences with his rollicking syncopated resophonic guitar stylings and his intense barrelhouse singing.
KITTY B SHAKE has been dropping superfreaky 45s since she was electrocuted by her home turntable on her fourth birthday. Expect rowdy rock n' roll, greasy R&B screamers, weird country songs about serial killers, failed novelty songs, dance crazes that didn't catch on (and possibly weren't meant to), savage '60s teen garage stompers, absurd monster screamers, sloppy soul, sleazy strip-beat, macabre country songs and way-out instro-mentals.
Bringing the oomph from Oklahoma City, burlesque babe


regularly tours major cities around the world. A one-woman burlesque whirlwind in the Land of Steers and Queers, she runs Adèle Wolf's Burlesque & Variety Show, Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival, and Dr.Sketchy's Oklahoma City.

At the Hoochie Koo, catch her in a badass bump and grind to live saxophone by Florent Mannant!

TARA LA LUNA is a burlesque performer, glamour, fashion, pin-up and fetish model, and co-founder of Heroine Artists

Poster promotion supported by Plakat-Kultur.

The smouldering sensation from Martinique is so hot, MARTINI CHERRY FURTER sets fire to water! One glance, one twitch of her hips, and you'll be on your knees to this high priestess of tease.
HI HI GOGO amps up the vamp with their fringe flying moves! Catch them heating up the dance floor with a well-placed watusi. These kamikaze kittens sure know how to get their hot pants in a twist!


once put Berlin on the Burlesque map. And this is just one of a thousand stories. She likes to Voodoo and we like her. And it´s written in the Bible: no good party without Tallulah.
The Original Soundsystem of


puts a microphone to the turntable with live riffs to original recordings and R&B rarities, capturing the spirit of early Rhythm 'n Blues to launch it full force onto the dancefloor.

They will be joined on stage by FLORENT MANNANT on Saxophone.

Live at the Juke Joint Lounge, exklusive - only at the Hoochie Koo:


(GB) The guy is also known as D-66, a fatal crossbread of Tom Waits, Lemmy, Hasil Adkins and Delta Blues Trash. If this rings a bell -


Bone Zeno!
We are really looking forward to the exclusive burlesque performance by DENI ROSE ! Only at the Hoochie Koo - a new act with a new soundtrack featuring Jules Kiss on Saxophone.
One man band of blues / rock'n'roll ,


feeds his inspiration with the moanings from the roots of the Missisipi's Delta and mixes them with the energy of a dirty, noisy rock'n'roll. He released his first album (self produced) in November 2016 and is now hitting the stage at the Hoochie Koo!
Unsere Reihe hat sich bis nach New Orleans rumgesprochen, und nun kommt


von dort den ganzen Weg, um bei uns zu performen. Sensationell ! Sie ist ein Multitalent - Showgirl, tänzerin und Sängerin, und ist in Nola schon eine bekannte Grösse. Natürlich arrangieren wir wieder eine exklusive Burlesque - performance, und zusätzlich wird später auf der Party bei unserem Hoochie Koo - Soundsystem über ein paar Instrumentals singen !
MISS ANNE THROPY is one of the emblematic figures of the Parisian burlesque scene. She begin her career in 2005 and has established herself internationally as an icon of glamor to the French, by performing on the best stages of Europe.
"A kick-ass one-man-blues-terror-band kept for far too long in a damp basement in London's Murder Mile where he developed an angry Delta-Punk. You have to see it to fully experience the force of this return of Trash Blues." - Last FM

That's right. Like jesus' Zombie-like return of the undead... [D-66] reemerges and is bringin you from the roots, from 6 feet under, down trotten BLOOOZE... better and dirtier than ever.

Ein weiteres Highlight wird der Auftritt des "Suisse Black Tornado", Asha Jones,natürlich werden wir auch diesmal eine exclusive Choreography und Musik speziell für Hoochie Koo ausbaldowern !
Im Saal kommt mit Lil' Neal & The Blue Flames eine feste Grösse des 50s sound zum Hoochie Koo. Classic Material !
Zusätzlich in der Lounge, aber diesmal als DJ : Mark Sultan !!!!
COLINDA spielen Cajun und Zydeco. Musik aus den Sumpfgebieten des Mississippi-Deltas die in den Tanzschuppen Louisianas populär ist. Der Gesang ertönt in einer Mischung aus Französisch, Creolisch und Englisch, das ganze wird angeheizt mit Blues und Boogie-Rhythmus.
Kris & Lou werden - speziell für Hoochie Koo - ein unplugged Konzert in der Lounge geben. Bekannt für ihre Cramps-alike Auftritte, wird das wohl etwas ganz Besonderes